Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Honda NSR 150 SP Thailand. Dicipta khas untuk memenangi ASEAN Cup dan juga untuk memenjadi motosikal terunggul di Thailand dan juga beberapa negara Asia di timur.Standard datang dengan scheme Repsol Racing .

-Power is up by 2.5 horsepower compared with the RR model. This bike is the King of the Road in Thailand for 150 cc bikes. -One of the most noticeable differences between the SP and the RR are the rear swingarm suspension.
-The SP has the cool looking PRO ARM similar to the MC28 NSR 250. Plus the rear tire size is slightly larger. Also the chamber and silencer have been revised for a improvement in performance while not effecting emissions. -The oil tank holds 1.5 liters and requires the removal of the rear tandem seat cushion to reach the lever on the bottom of the side to open up the oil tank. -The meters offer a clear view with the large centered tachometer and the speedometer reads up to 240 km/h plus. A temperature gauge keeps you informed before any over heating problems occur. -The bodywork of the SP is the same as the RR. The only difference being the Repsol colors. Now in Japan, two stroke motorcycles over 50 cc in displacement have been discontinued. Recently a few of these Thai SP models have been showing up in bike shops throughout Japan. Their price between 420,000 Yen to 430,000. Thai Honda NSR 150 SP SpecificationsModel : NSR 150 SP Engine type : single cylinder, two stroke Engine size : 149cc Bore x stroke : 59 x 54.5 Horsepower : 39.5 ps at 10,500 rpm Torque : 2.75 kg-m at 10,000 rpm Gearbox : 6 speed return Ignition : Electronic CDI unit Length : 1,970 mm Width : 685 mm Height : 1,060 mm Wheelbase : 1,355 mm Weight : 122.4 kg Tire size : (F) 90/80-17, (R) 120/80-17 or 130/80-17 There seems to be some discrepancies about the actual power that the NSR 150 SP makes, though the factory Honda catalog claims 39.5 horsepower, it is unclear if this is actually true. Some people report that 28 - 31 Horsepower is correct.
-I've tried sprinting once with this bike at Sungkai. The rider left me behind almost about 3 (3 tiang beb)poles. This bike can compete side by side with a CB400, Damn fast. Not expected to be left behind that far.
-Other different parts i notice that was different from my RR is the wiring, block, meter. Though NSR SP use the same set of engine base as RR, it is a lot more powerful than RR because of the block double valve. RR have two cdi unit while SP use one only and all other parts like servo and coils were slightly different form RR


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